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Welcome to The Gay-Friendly Source.

Our Philosophy

The purpose of this site is to foster and encourage a gay-friendly environment throughout the world and among all people. The site is intended to be used by everyone, regardless of his or her orientation.

What is "gay-friendly"?

  • Open and welcoming to all people regardless of their orientation
  • Supportive of gay people and their relationships
  • Respectful of all people
  • Treat all people equally
  • Non-judgmental

Who We Are

The Gay-Friendly Source is a comprehensive resource offering current and archived gay and gay-friendly news and editorials. The site also offers insights from gay men, women, and youth about what it is like to be gay, to grow up gay, and to live as a gay man, lesbian or youth. Read rich and anecdotal stories from and about those who are gay and from those who are not who share their experiences about being gay and about sharing in each other’s lives.

The site offers spiritual and inspirational readings and reflections, as well.

The Gay-Friendly Source offers two searches: an events search where site visitors search for gay-friendly events and happenings and a search for finding gay-friendly businesses, organizations, and professionals.

Even if you are not gay or lesbian, perhaps you have a child, sibling, parent or other family member who is. Maybe you have a friend, neighbor or coworker who is a member of the LGBT community. The Gay-Friendly Source hopes that by providing news, information, insights, and reflections, it leads to a greater appreciation and increased understanding for all and contributes to creating a gay-friendly world. Do you believe that gay people should be treated just as you and your loved ones are and that they should enjoy the same rights, privileges and opportunities as others? If so, you may wish to support businesses, organizations, and professionals that share your view of equality. Find these in The Gay-Friendly Source’s business, organization and professionals search.

It is The Gay-Friendly Source’s wish that you find the site useful, informative, and easy to use.

Thank you for visiting and we hope that you visit often.

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