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The Gay-Friendly Source is an online resource which provides current and archived news, editorials, and topics of interest to the gay, lesbian and greater LGBT community, as well as to all who are gay-friendly.

In addition, the site offers businesses, organizations, professionals and services a quality venue for advertising, as either a featured business in the site's Business and Organization Search (see right on this page,) or in its display advertising. By advertising on the site, a business, organization or professional proclaims that they are gay-friendly and welcoming to all people, whether one is part of the LGBT community or simply believes in the equality of all people, including those who are gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender.

All businesses, organizations and professionals featured in The Gay-Friendly Source's searches should be open and welcoming to all people, regardless of their orientation, guarding against exclusivity or anything less than exceptional service due to one's orientation.

The Business and Organization search results include the names, addresses, telephone numbers and URL's of gay-friendly businesses and organizations featured in the site's directory. In addition, search results provide a business description and welcoming statement created by the business, organization, professional or service provider, as well as comments and reviews submitted by those who have visited the establishments or professionals featured on the site. The opportunity to provide a photo or logo of the business, organization or professional to be shown in the search results, is included, as well.

Businesses, organizations, and professionals featured in the Business and Organization Search are given the opportunity to update and manage their listings online, including the ability to periodically offer coupons and special offers in their listings.

The Gay-Friendly Source notes in its About Us page, About Our Advertisers and the Businesses, Organizations, and Professionals Featured on Our Site, that an advertiser's being featured on the site is not intended to infer or imply anything about the advertiser's orientation, nor does it indicate that a business or organization caters only to gay clientele. In fact, one of the tenets of the site is that all the businesses, organizations and professionals featured on the site are open and welcoming to all people, regardless of their orientation.

As an advertiser on The Gay-Friendly Source, the businesses, organizations, professionals, and others featured on the site proclaim that they embrace a philosophy of equality and welcoming for all, regardless of orientation, and that they and their business or organization welcome all people as customers, clients, members, guests and employees. A gay-friendly business or organization actively encourages gay and non-gay people alike to visit their locations and encourages all people-those who are gay and those who are not-to join in being part of a gay-friendly world.

The Gay-Friendly Source takes pride in providing this quality venue to assist in promoting your gay-friendly business or organization. The site's goal is to contribute to making the world a welcoming and inclusive place for all and we invite you to join in helping to achieve this goal by featuring your business or organization on the site.

To advertise on the site, please see details below or for more information, including information on The Gay-Friendly Source's Display Advertising, contact us.

Thank you!

Directory Advertising Rates

1 Year Listing Listing includes photo, business description/welcoming statement from business/organization/professional, and customer comments and reviews in up to three (3) categories. $125.00
Additional Locations Additional location listings may be purchased in addition to the one (1) included in the base price. Price is per additional location. $50.00
Additional Categories Base price includes listing in up to three (3) categories. Additional category listings may be purchased. Price is per additional category. $30.00

The Gay-Friendly Source is pleased to provide advertising to selected non-profit organizations as a public service to our communities. For more information, please contact us.