Rich Charbonneau, Psy.d.

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Rich Charbonneau, Psy.D.
A Life Coach is like a personal trainer, someone who can give you objective and personalized help to help you reach your goals. Life coaching is based on a model of health; not a model of stigma and diagnosis labeling that often comes with psychological counseling or therapy. A Life Coach helps you to design your future rather than get over your past.

People today need connection with a coach or guide more than ever due to the rapid pace of change, the difficulty of sustaining relationships, and the desire to fulfill one's life purpose. Being able to receive coaching and have a personal coach is a service that can prove to be invaluable.

Whatever your goal, I can help. And just as importantly, I won’t judge you.

I am a Life Coach. I coach people to help them make significant changes in their lives.

I have years of mentoring, coaching, and training experience, and I’d like to work with you, one-on-one, as your personal coach to help you solve your problems.

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