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author: ChrisatSAFE
posted: 5/31/2011

Weblog February 13, 2008
By Chris DiGiorgio

This is a re-print of a blog on the website..www.gaysafe.org

Recently, I was walking to the front door of my apartment and stopped suddenly. The reason I stopped was I had this thought how grateful I was with all the people that are in my life; more specifically, all the different spiritual teachers and friends that have been working with me these past several years. I had more time to reflect on this and realized that the divine or the universe brought these people into my life because there were things I needed to experience in this lifetime that they would facilitate. As folks who read my blog often may realize I am a very spiritual person, I do not believe it is a coincidence that very spiritual people are surrounding me; part of this is that I seek it and part of it is that they find me.

Let me give you some examples, when I was coming out I met my first openly gay friend. He was my age and we have been friends ever since. In a time, when I was unsure about my gay self and how I was moving to a positive gay life here was my friend who showed me you can live a great and positive life being gay. Now he is having some personal problems in his life and I am there to help him through his difficulty. I think it truly is the universe bringing together two people who use each others strengths when the other needs them. I met another friend who told me about GAYLA and found a gay men’s spiritual community that has taught me that I can live a positive gay spiritual life. Another example is one of my spiritual teachers Steve came into my life when I was moving forward in my spiritual life. He is a psychic, and even told me you are moving more into spiritual work and here are some workshops that will help you grow spiritually. I have grown spiritually since then. Another person that has come into my life is a spiritual friend Mimi, she told me about a guru Sai Maa. I was ready for another spiritual growth spurt and there was Mimi letting me know about Sai Maa. In fact, Sai Maa has taken me into streams of consciousness and awareness I did not know I had in me. Now I realize that both Steve and Sai Maa are two spiritual teachers in my life to help enhance my spiritual path and both work congruously to help me achieve a stronger spiritual life.

This leads me back to gratitude. I am not sure a few years ago; I would have had it in me to stop in a moment to look at all the things in my life that I am truly grateful for. I am also not sure I would have been aware why certain people are in my life. So I suggest two things. First, take the time to look at the people in your life and try to become aware of why they are in your life. It might surprise you and it is a good awareness exercise. Secondly, be grateful they are in your life. It may be hard to be grateful to those who you believe are bringing you down negatively, however even they are there to provide you with life lessons you may not be conscious of right now. Do not forget about all the positive people also in your life. Take the time to be grateful, you will realize it is a gift that you will cherish as you move through your spiritual path.