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Being gay or lesbian is positively good and morally beneficial

author: George
posted: 5/18/2012

I came across an excerpt from a column by John Corvino, The Gay Moralist, titled "The Virtue of Homosexuality." We are to be encouraged! It reads as follows:

First, homosexuality can be a source of pleasure, and pleasure is a good thing.

Second, homosexuality can be an avenue of interpersonal communication, and this too is good.

Third, homosexuality can be a source of emotional growth.

Fourth, and related, homosexual relationships [including sex] promote personal and social stability. … Sex is a powerful way of building, celebrating, and replenishing intimacy in a relationship.

A fifth reason: insofar as homosexuality challenges deep-seated and irrational prejudices, embracing one’s homosexuality can be a powerful act of moral courage. It forces one to think for oneself and invites one to transcend rigid gender expectations.