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Gaydar and its qualities

author: George
posted: 06/04/2012

The New York Times has a most interesting article on research done concerning gaydar. A recent study reflected a 60 per cent hit ratio in observers identifying gay and lesbian people through photographic observation.

As stated by the reviewer, random guesswork would statistically result in a 50% ratio. Thus, to achieve a 60% rating is indicative of the absolute existence of gaydar in our society.

We know that it's certainly not necessary for us to walk through GothamCiti or Chez Est in order to be sure that we are amongst a gay population. It's a gift we have been given to be able to pretty accurately discern gay or straight from mere observation.

Having a research firm document the fact is nice; and having the New York Times back it up with publication is proof positive of our influence in the world today.