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Gaydar and its qualities
author: George
posted: 6/4/2012
The New York Times has a most interesting article on research done concerning gaydar. A recent study reflected a 60 per cent hit ratio in observers identifying gay and lesbian people through photographic observation.

As stated by the reviewer, random guesswork would statistically result in a 50% ratio. Thus, to achieve a 60% rating is indicative of the absolute existence of gaydar in our society.

We know that it's certainly not necessary for us to walk t...


Coming out made easy thanks to a dear friend
author: George
posted: 5/16/2012
I began my coming-out in an email to a dear friend of mine who lives several states away from me. I asked her this question: "Let me ask you this: did it ever cross your mind that I might be gay?"

Her response was exactly what I expected and exactly what I needed: "To answer your question; no it never crossed my mind that you may be gay. Are you? If you are then you should know that all I have is love for you. All Love & Acceptance. Please call me. I won't take up muc...


Dear 15 Year Old Me. I’m writing to tell you: It Got Better
author: Gay Girl Revolution
posted: 4/8/2012
Yesterday was a tough day for you. That time you spent in the bathroom will forever remain in your memory.

You made your admission, to yourself. It was in your head before, but yesterday felt like your first real recognition of it. You held on to that sink so tightly as you leaned over it. You faced yourself in the mirror that hung above it. The sink held you up as your knees weakened. Your grip got tighter, your stare more intense. You felt like you were looking into...


To Wife or Not to Wife
author: SassyMedia
posted: 6/23/2011
It’s strange now to think that when we were planning our vows, one thing we had to decide was what to call ourselves. I always planned on making Galit my wife. Not my partner, spouse or some other ambiguous term. So when our officiant, Edi Pasalis of I Do Yoga asked, “Do you, Stephanie, take Galit to be your lawfully wedded wife,” I knew exactly what I was getting into. It’s important you and your significant other use the terms that make sense for you. When I’m introducing or talkin...

A Brother Like Mine....
posted: 7/11/2010
Finally I have found the type of website I have been looking for! About 25 years ago, I learned that my brother was gay. It was new at the time to all of us, but now it is just the way it is. For years I have wanted to share my story about having a gay brother. Maybe I wanted to share it because I am so proud of him, or maybe to tell people who have just learned that someone that they love is gay, that it's really going to be okay. And now I can, through this upscale site. Hallelui...

Never Far From Our Minds
author: DJH, CT
posted: 7/11/2010
This website is a great addition to the gay community but more importantly is a great site for everyone. It is a wonderful opportunity for free expression about what being gay is all about and hopefully an opportunity to help educate and inform, and at the same time provide a forum for sharing experiences and identify those organizations and businesses that are inclusive and supportive of all people.

We are a gay couple and have been together for 12 years, having es...